Vedanta Course in India

January 2021

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Thonse Ayurvedic Health Center

The center is simple, there are mostly Indians guests and in the winter there are just a few of them. It is not commercial and therefore it is not expensive to stay there and to receive all kinds of treatments. The costs are around €100 – €150 per week including everything the center has to offer: a private room with toilet (AC or non-AC), simple vegetarian meals, herbal tea’s, juices, packings, participation in the daily program and medical supervision. All kinds of Ayurvedic treatments are possible, which are very affordable. See the price list. Every day you can choose different kinds of treatments, including various massages with oils and herbs. Medical supervision by an Ayurvedic doctor and a naturopath is included. You will receive advice on which treatments and diet suit you best. You can also participate in meditation, yoga and pranayama groups if you wish. You can find more information on the website of the center. The staff is very friendly and helpful and welcomes western guests especially in the winter months, as this is their low season.Do not expect luxurious accommodation in Thonse, but simple pleasant rooms and friendly people. The people who do the executive work, the Ayurvedic and other treatments, are locally trained people and speak little English, the staff of course does. It is really a place “to relax into being and healing”. The months of December, January and February are the best months to be there. Website:
Prices of rooms

List and prices of some of the ayurvedic treatments

There are many more treatments possible, like the Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Packages 
See also the Special Holistic and Natural Health Programmes,
and all the available therapies.

View from the centre


Thonse is a small and quiet village that lies between the Indian Ocean and a large lagoon. There are a few typical Indian small shops in the village and there is a bank with an ATM. On the beach is a simple restaurant. 

You can make long beach walks. To the north is a vast narrow headland, on which there are some houses and a few temples. Towards the south is after an hour and a half of walking the village of Malpe with a fishing port and Indian beach entertainment. There are also several good restaurants here. From there you can take a boat to an uninhabited palm beach. 

For more entertainment the town of Udupi is also nearby, half an hour by bus. There is a square full of beautiful temples, shops and restaurants. 




  • Mangalore is the nearest airport (70 km) and there is a taxi from the center to pick you up or drop you off.
  • International airports nearby are Mumbai (Bombay) and Bangalore. From here you can take a flight to Mangalore.
  • If you’re looking for a flight to Mangalore, first look for the best connection to Mumbai or Bangalore. Then look for a domestic flight. The total travel time can be much shorter then a search result for the total journey.
  • If you need help with booking your ticket, we know a travelagency in Amsterdam that can help you at no extra costs.
  • Plant a tree! We encourage participants to use a CO2 reduction scheme to compensate for the environmental impact of the flight to India.
  • Some rooms in Thonse Health Centre are equiped with air-conditioning. This makes a difference in price. AC is not really needed in the winterseason. 
  • You can book a room on the registration form. There are rooms available for a maximum of 15 participants. 
  • There are no other hotels or guesthouses in Thonse, except a luxurious resort on 10 minutes walking distance. In wintertime there is plenty of place, rooms start at €52 for a night (two persons). See: Paradise Lagoon

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